Let's Bring Em Home!
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LBEH 2019 Starts on 11 NOVEMBER!

Bringing military families together for the holidays since 2001!

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen EIGHTEEN years ago I asked some of you folks for help with an idea I had. My idea was to gather up a few dollars and buy some plane tickets to allow some deserving young soldiers the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families. To say that I underestimated the response I would get, would indeed be an understatement itself. Rising to the challenge in grand fashion, you folks dug through your couch cushions and sent in over $14,000 dollars in just a few short days. Indeed, your generosity cemented the fact that our annual ticket drive would not be a one time shot, but an annual tradition. And hence the phrase, "Let's Bring Em Home" was coined.

Each year following that otherwise uneventful Friday afternoon in December of 2001, I have put forth the call for your help. Where upon I throw myself on my knees and humbly beg that you, fair reader, will help me help our country's young military members: the Airmen, the Marines, the Soldiers, the Sailors and the Coast Guardsmen. To show them that we understand they're people and not just statistics we see on our evening news, or blurry images that dance across our television screens. That we understand how they'd rather be with their families than any other place in the world, especially during this time of the year.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR 2019: traditionally we relay on a surplus of donations from the previous year to immediately start fulfilling ticket requests the following year. Unfortunately, we had shortfall of donations last year, the repercussions of which will be felt this year. Therefore we will have to limit the number of international flights -- to INCLUDE Alaska and Hawaii -- to 15 this year. This will ensure we will have enough funds to continue with domestic ticket requests through out the remainder of the holiday season.

so far 57 tickets completed Donations received: $56,345.51
Miles donated: 351,500
Number of donors: 412

As always, we exist exclusively on donations, and LBEH is a charity that you can be sure as much of your donation is going directly to our military's benefit as possible! The folks who run LBEH -- including myself -- are volunteers! So remember... Lots of donations = lots of airplane tickets = Lots of happy soldiers! And as always, your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!


thanks to express hosting for helping us out with our hosting!

special thanks to michael monteforte jr. for helping us get our 501c(3) tax exempt status!


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