Sergeant Berwald and Silver Star Bob standing together outside the hotel waiting for the bus. At least we had great weather.


Part of the crew responsible for organizing everything. The officer with the papers was one of Sergeant Smith's commanders, and the female Captain was terrific in coordinating transportation for the masses to and from all the events. Granted, I'm sure she did more, I just don't know about it.


Around from the left: Bad Photographer Steve, Brad, Heidi, Zeno, Spc Michelle Chavez, Me, Sgt Derek Pelletier, Pvt Seaman's wife, Private Seaman, Silver Star Bob, Bob's wife Amanda, and Some Guy With His Back To The Camera.


This sign has nothing to do with the ceremonies but made me laugh. We passed it on our way to the reception at Ft Myers. Ironically enough, chicken was on the menu and yes, I has some!


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